About Us

Patricia J. Erb is a graduate of the Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California. She has been a practicing attorney for more than 30 years.

Patricia started out in community legal services, assisting the underemployed in the City of Los Angeles. She worked at Westside Legal Services in West Los Angeles, practicing immigration law. From there, she moved to the Center for Law and Justice in Boyle Heights, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, practicing family law, landlord/tenant, Social Security, and civil defense.

Patricia worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for over 10 years as a deputy district attorney practicing criminal and civil child support enforcement. She then transitioned to the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department where she worked for over 10 years, helping parents establish paternity and enforce support. During this time, Patricia ran the international and interstate child support office for five years.

Since opening up her own law office in 2016, Patricia returned to her roots in assisting those who need help in understanding their rights and maneuvering the intricacies of family law. Patricia speaks and writes Spanish.


Justine P. (via yelp.com) – “Patricia J. Erb helped me with my paperwork for a fair price. She was quick, efficient, and definitely did not try to take advantage of me. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need of legal advice. Thank you for all your help Patricia, you really relieved me from a headache/stress that I was anxiously trying to rid of myself.”

David H. – “Patricia you were f*ing fantastic. Prepared, thorough, articulate, convincing. You ran a clinic on trial lawyering in there. Thank you.”

Jayime B. (via legalmatch.com) – “I am so very pleased with the amazing service and attention to detail that Patricia accomplished for me on my case. I was amazed at how easy and simple she made everything for me and I would recommend her 100% for anything regarding child support cases, she knows what’s she’s doing. I have already recommended her to a few friends and will continue to do so.”

Donovan S. (via avvo.com) – “Having Patricia as my counsel for my child support case was a great relief. She took care with explaining what each court document meant to me and my case, and answered any questions I had with the information the court wanted my to provide. Court itself was absolutely painless, and I was very happy with the ruling. I was sweating bullets for weeks until I spoke with her, and having a professional help me through the process was far more helpful than I could hope to describe. I cannot recommend Patricia enough to represent you. Her initial consultation is informative and clear with what she can do for your case and what you can expect the outcome to be. It saved me quite a bit of stress and time.”

Winnie C. (via legalmatch.com) – “Patricia was an excellent lawyer she always answer all my question. She will go out of her way to find out answers for me when needed. She return my call in a timely manner. She have never let me down and she made sure I get what I deserve.”

Wilheman L. (via yelp.com) – “I was very pleased with my case I owed $23,000 out of that she made an arrears and compromised, and I ended up paying a total of $8,900 she saved me a lot of money and it was headache free, I would recommend her to anyone looking for real help with child’s support services.”

William S. (via legalmatch.com) – “I have only recently hired her, she has not begun work on my case yet, but was fair, clear, and thought of things I had not. Best value for my money.”

Ara I. (via google.com) – “Best family lawyer! Professional and honest service. Highly recommended”