Have you been told that you are the father of a child who resides in another country?
Is another country attempting to collect support from you?
Are you trying to collect child support from someone who resides in another country?

The United States has international agreements with many countries. Some states, including California, have their own agreements with foreign countries. Even if there is no agreement, the United States will often agree to accept a petition from another country. Occasionally, other countries will allow the same courtesy from residents in the United States.

Countries have different legal bases for child support jurisdiction. For instance, many European countries are child-based, in that they will sue a parent for support because the child lives in their country, even if the obligor parent has never stepped foot in their country. In the United States, an obligor must normally have “minimum contacts” for there to be jurisdiction over the obligor.

My office can assist you in determining your rights and whether another country has jurisdiction over you. Likewise, if you need to collect support from someone who resides in another country, we can determine where and how you need to file.

I have over 13 years of experience handling cases which solely involved interstate or international orders and parties. I can help you with any aspect of your international child support issues.